About Andria Spindel

I grew up in Calgary, where I completed a BA at the University of Calgary, then travelled and taught in Kenya and the Canadian Arctic during the heyday of Trudeaumania, hippie travel and social experimentation. I settled in Vancouver to complete a Master of Social Work degree at the University of British Columbia, and stayed another 8 years. After graduating I was a Social Planner and eventually became the Executive Director of the Social Planning and Research Council of BC. Ontario March of Dimes recruited me in 1981, the International Year of Disabled Persons and the 30th anniversary of the agency. It has grown from a budget of $5m in ’81 to $100m in 2010. Services have expanded dramatically. We incorporated a non profit housing corporation in 1992 and a national charity in 2001, and since 2006 the  latter has operated as March of Dimes Canada.  We own and operate several properties that provide accommodation and independent living services to 77 people in 4 municipalities and will add another property this year. Two other exciting non profit entities have been incorporated in my 30 years (yes, it has been 30 years!) and we expect to hold our first fundraiser in the US this year and to initiate our first service south of the border also. My role as President and CEO continues to be that of creating a vision, fulfilling the mission and developing strategic plans to meet an increasing demand for services from people with disabilities and their caregivers. This is achieved through direct service, advocacy and peer programs.

On a personal note, I live with my 17 year old daughter and two cats, and enjoy their company a lot. My two adult sons are doing interesting exploration in their own lives and I am intrigued with how they are progressing. In my spare time, I have various volunteer roles on several non profit boards and committees, and enjoy creating programs for building awareness of diversity and disability. I think it has become true for me that youth is, while not “wasted on the young,” something that I appreciate more with age. Adventures are physically more challenging for me now, so they have to occur in new dimensions.

4 Responses to About Andria Spindel

  1. Phyllis McIntyre says:

    Hello, Andria,
    I have been searching for employment with an organization which will be accepting of my mobility disability which became part of my life 2 years ago. I am elated to read your note of how March of Dimes operates, but more specifically, how you lead an organization with such a positive philosophy of working on behalf of people with disabilities. Many are like me, who feel that they can make a great contribution in the workforce. Unfortunately there is still a strong stigma associated with being disabled. Your written word is inspirational and optimistic. Thank you.

  2. Ramona Kristol says:

    Big thanks to march of dimes Canada.
    Although support takes a long time to get,, in our case over a year for the modified van.
    Almost 14 months for a commode. Thank yu very much!
    Now my son 22 yrs. Developmentaly delayed requires a roll in shower.
    our move to keep our son out of institutional ized system, create a better more accessible inclusive life,, brings us retired couple with an unexpected mortgage debt.

  3. brainiac54 says:

    i just finished reading Dr.Mary’s Monkey by ed haslam which documents the contamination of the polio vaccines with various monkey cancer viruses. what is the position of the march of dimes regrading this issue? thanks

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