What I Learned on Vacation

I’m on vacation with my 18 year old daughter, Mattea, and we came to a
picturesque mountainside mini-golf course in Virginia. Its hardly worth
writing about, except that we played, I did exceptionally well, and Mattea
laughingly said, “Are you going to blog about your talent?” Since I
absolutely never learned any sport, am not athletic, and have only lately
begun to think about being fit, I realized several things about life while
playing miniature golf.

Firstly, I had fun, secondly, I  greatly enjoyed being out of doors, and
thirdly, I chose to play for no other reason than we passed by the course
as we were walking.  How wonderful to be  outside on a beautiful
afternoon, and how wonderful to be relaxed enough to choose a playful, fun
activity requiring no serious effort. It was most amazing to find I had
enough eye-hand coordination to play well.

So, here is what miniature golf with my daughter taught me today.

Take time to have fun. Play with your kids, even if they are already 18.
Take a stroll outside-there may be a pleasant, engaging surprise on your
path. Don’t pass up the opportunity to test your skills, whether at
something simple, new or challenging.  Laugh when you miss the hole, it
makes you feel better and the game goes on.

The last lesson,( as I scored well,) is that we are all good at something.
Mattea figures my sport is mini-golf. Well, it might be, but I realized
(again) today, that walking, playing, moving in any way is  an imperative.
Our bodies are machines with moving parts that need lubrication,
alignment, adjusting, revving up, and cooling down. Being fit isn’t about
mastering a sport, or massive exertion, competition, or perfection. Its
caring for one’s body by using it, tuning it up, and moving!

I wish everyone a healthy, fun-loving season. Get outdoors. Play. Move. Be